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Engineering & Management*

The increasing complexity of business requires decision-makers and managers who, in addition to taking on specialised tasks, also assume an integrative role and keep the entire company in view when making business decisions. This interface function requires an understanding of both technical and commercial corporate processes. The dual Bachelor's degree programme Engineering & Management* combines content from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, natural sciences and business administration. With this interdisciplinary background, industrial engineers identify strategic solutions for engineering problems and integrate these into sound business decision-making. Working at the interface of technology and business, the engineer can be employed wherever qualified technical and commercial knowledge is required.

Specialisation in Mechatronics (Systems Engineering)

Global economic networking, fast-moving product life cycles and increasing competitive pressure characterise international business life. Technical systems are also becoming increasingly complex and consist of many mechanical, electronic and information technology components. The development, production and use of these systems, and the associated processes, requires interdisciplinary knowledge to apply the engineering fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering/electronics and computer science.

Mechatronics engineers think holistically and make decisions taking into account all system-relevant areas. With their understanding of economic interrelationships and their ability to design processes, they have the necessary competence for the efficient and successful design of comprehensive technical systems.

Students in the dual Bachelor's degree programme Engineering & Management with a focus on mechatronics (Systems Engineering) learn technical knowledge in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering/electronics and computer science. In addition, they will be able to apply knowledge from the field of management in the design of complex technical systems, and acquire soft skills for management tasks and the management of projects.

Career opportunities after the dual study programme:

  • Management of technically demanding projects, working at the interface between specialist departments such as development and clients
  • Analytical understanding of customer requirements, modelling, simulation and optimisation of complex technical systems
  • Development and design as well as documentation and evaluation of comprehensive assemblies and technical systems, taking into account commercial and economic factors
  • Control, monitoring and maintenance as well as sales management of complex technical systems and products

Specialisation in Process Management

Engineers specialising in process management are able to understand complex technical systems holistically, to analyse technical procedures and processes from the point of view of business management and to optimise them with regard to costs. In times of global economic networking, ever shorter product life cycles and increasing international competitive pressure, this is of central importance for corporate success.

In the dual Bachelor's degree programme in Engineering & Management* with a specialisation in Process Management, a comprehensive education is provided in the fields of mechanical engineering and business administration, supplemented by computer science and electrical engineering. In combination with courses in automation technology, industrial engineering, process and production simulation as well as supply chain management and soft skills, the prerequisites are created for a broad professional spectrum ranging from technical specialisation to general and project management.

Career opportunities after the dual study programme:

  • Development, production and maintenance management of technical equipment and products
  • Technical sales management and marketing
  • Quality and supply chain management in production plants
  • Analysis, definition, optimisation, simulation and implementation of production processes
  • Production and operations management and consulting
  • Management of technical departments

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)

Engineering & Management*
Starting date
Length of programme
6 semesters
Credit Points (ECTS)
German language requirements
C1 level of the CEFR
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*study programme currently in preparation