Planning to work or study in Germany?

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At iba & isba you can do BOTH – Work AND Study

We offer a one-stop shop to qualify you for WORK in Germany and STUDY in Germany. Our tailor-made programmes ensure you can gain an academic degree and professional experience at the same time. And you’re not just working alongside your studies – you are employed by a partner company for the duration of your studies and your work is an integral part of the degree programme! This combination of practical experience and academic study is highly regarded by employers: 86% of our graduates are offered a permanent position straight after their studies. As Universities of Cooperative Education, iba & isba are specialist and accredited providers of Work & Study programmes.

After completing our foundation programme WORK & STUDY GERMANY you are ready to enter Germany´s largest University Network for Cooperative Education: our network of more than 2000 partner companies employ our more than 3500 students and pay the tuition fees for their Bachelor’s degree.